"The most innovative and fearless design and exhibition professionals in Europe"

We are an exhibition company with a wealth of international experience, delivering over 30 years of quality design and build.
Our friendly staff can help you at every stage of your project, providing an excellent and accommodating service at exceptional value for money. Please read our about us page to view more excellent testimonials from our diverse range of clients.

Step 0

At City Creative we strive to deliver creativity and flair underpinned by our experience, reliability and methodical way of working.

We'll leave no stone unturned in pursuit of excellence and we'll go that extra mile to make sure your event or project (big or small) stands out from the crowd and always wins you new business and interest.

Step 1

Whether conferences, exhibitions or any of our other bespoke services, understanding is key. We want to ensure we completely understand the desired impact, goals and objectives of your event or production; this will help us make key decisions early on and utilise our international experience in achieving the best possible outcome for you.

Step 2

A great brief is a wonderful thing. We can help nurture and interpret your vision, asking all the right questions and bringing vital planning and practicality to proceedings. Together we can build a brief that is clear, instructive and creative.

Step 3

With precision, expertise and great communication, we can plan out a strategic programme for design, production, transport, installation and any other elements of your project. Through meticulous planning and drawing from decades of experience, we can ensure a magnificent outcome and a project that stays on course throughout.

Step 4

With a dedicated team of in-house graphic designers, CAD engineers and 3D artists we have all the tools to produce stunning design concepts and inspiring visuals. You can feel confident that your exact brief is being met and that your creative vision is delivered and expanded with your feedback.

Step 5

Where all that wise planning and expert designing comes to fruition. We implement production of the project with immaculate care and attention. Whether it's graphics, POS units, an office refurb, a bespoke exhibition or a huge full-scale event, we manufacture and deliver quality on time and are always mindful of transport and installation considerations.

Step 6

We've orchestrated transport solutions on most continents and have a deep well of wisdom and experience to draw from when organising the successful in/out transit of your project. Whether a multi-show exhibition tour, custom event across countries or simple graphic delivery, you're in safe hands. We then have all the onsite expertise for a perfect installation and reliable in-event support that you can trust implicitly.

Step 7

This is the big pay-off; time for you and your product or event to shine. Meanwhile, we have all the specialist infrastructure behind the scenes to support you at every stage. Whether audio visual, graphic requirements, event and conference management and all imaginable onsite bespoke solutions, we are here to help and support your successful project with specialist skillsets.

Step 8

With new enquiries, interest and business coming your way, we're delighted to have achieved a dynamic, successful project with you. Whether it's the first time we've worked together, or just one of dozens, we'll look forward to partnering with you again in the near future.

Step 9

Time to start designing and planning together again. Whether the event or project is part of a larger tour or we're designing concepts for something for a year's time, we can learn from previous results, tweak to further improve and then get cracking together on an exciting new venture.

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